The Director's Gallery
I have a lot of photos from the Shakespeare Festival over the years. Here are some of my favorites.

Much Ado.jpg
The cast from Much Ado About Nothing. They are all in college, now!

One year, these students appeared in the newspaper... that was quite an honor!

A few years later my actors were in the paper again! (Unfortunately, they spelled Eloise's name wrong...)




The three very nice photos shown above were taken by the photographer for the Denver Post (or maybe the sadly defunct Rocky Mountain News?) but they were not published in the paper. They were posted online, a new feature at that time, and that's where I found 'em. These photos are from the 2004 festival, like the first photo I have featured at the top of this page. It seems so long ago, and just like yesterday. That's due to the magic of theater, perhaps.

AYLI ShakesFest.jpg
This is my own daughter Madeleine, practicing lines from As You Like It with her lifelong friend Eliana. They met in Kindergarten at Bromwell, and were attending middle school together at this time. As honors students, they picked their own scene, which was slightly shocking to me. Students choosing the scenes, instead of teachers? Ah, live and learn! Here, Madeleine plays Rosalind and Eliana plays Celia. This is the memorable scene in the first act where the two cousins decide to run away together

Here's my daughter again, as Lady Macbeth. Quite a change from Rosalind!
Lady Macbeth.jpg

Below, two more daughters of a Bromwell teacher – Ms. Kraybill's talented girls.

That's Kaitlyn on the left, as Cordelia. On the right is Kristin as Oberon, with her good friend Talia as Titania.

12th Night 8.jpg
I have seen Bromwell children "grow up" through Shakespeare. For example, here are two pictures of Bella. In the top picture, she's at the Shakespeare Festival as a third grader, with her friends Mac, Harry, and India. She played Moth in A Midsummer Night's Dream that year. The second picture is a video capture from Bella's performance as Viola in Twelfth Night, with her friend Bailey. Both girls were then sixth graders. In between, Bella played a witch in Timon of Athens and the nurse in Macbeth. She was also in A Midsummer Night's Dream, again – this time as Titania.

Every year, the Festival showcases wonderful performances by our Bromwelll students. Sometimes, I know the actors fairly well, and I know what will happen on stage. At other times I am surprised. Here's Nathan, both hilarious and impressive as Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing. I knew Nathan was good, but this? He was so much more funny than I expected!
Nathan Much jjj.jpg

The festival encourages the creativity of teachers, too. The photo above shows three students in an experimental piece I created particularly for them. It was about Prospero, the magician from The Tempest. Vikki, Laura, and Abby took turns portraying the different sides of Prospero's complex personality, not to mention Ariel and Caliban. I used only Shakespeare's own words, and the girls performed it with exceptional skill.

Photo 17 of 21.jpg
I've always loved this shot of actors from A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet. Boys love their swords!

And girls love their princessy dresses, not to mention sometimes getting to perform as "real" princesses.

girl swords copy.jpg

Of course, sometimes it's the girls who love their swords, and the boys who love their costumes. You never know with Shakespeare.

Photo 20 of 21.jpg
Above: Bromwell students meet a very authentic-looking Queen Elizabeth.

This is the first Shakespeare production I ever directed, all second graders, from the year 1997.

For me, this is the best part of any Shakespeare Festival.