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The 33rd Annual Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival will be heldFriday, April 28, 2017!
This page will be updated soon with information for this year's festival. In the meantime, you might want to review the information from last year. There are lots of interesting tidbits about how things happen! You may also enjoy visiting the official DPS Shakespeare Festival site:

The Festival tales place at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. It features a number of stages, all named after stages or inns from Shakespeare's own time. Some of the stages are in the open, and some are in tents.

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The map above, from last year, is a three-dimensional view. The map below (again, this is last year's version) shows the same groupings from another angle.

Almost all our scenes are performed at one stage. Here's a previous schedule, just for reference...

1:26 – 1: 34 As You Like It, I i & I ii ­– Khaki, Audrey, Peter, Todd, Ashton, Ogden, Lindsay
1:36 – 1:44 As You Like It, I iii & IV i – Addie and Grace
1:46 – 1:54 King Richard the Second, III iv – Sydney, Tessa, Iris, Evie
1:56 – 2:04 Antony and Cleopatra, I ii – Caroline, Jacqueline, Anne, Annelise
2:06 – 2:14 All’s Well That Ends Well, I iii – Olivia, Addie, Paulina, Tessa
2:16 – 2:24 Twelfth Night, II i – Julian and Nikolaus
2:26 – 2:34 Romeo and Juliet, III i – Evan, Pietro, Chet, Jonah, Spencer
2:36 – 2:44 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, V ii – Mari, Hadley, Spencer, Allie, Eva
2:46 – 2:54 Merry Wives, II I – Ruby and Annika
2:56 – 3:04 Cymbeline, III vi – Clara, Lucien, Max, Jack
3:06 – 3:14 Romeo and Juliet, I iv – Nicola and Danielle
3:16 – 3:24 Romeo and Juliet, I iii – Bailey, Paulina, Mari, Elle
3:26 – 3:34 As You Like It, III ii – Lindsay, Reyliana, Blythe, Nicola
3:36 – 3:44 As You Like It, Epilog – various young ladies


Approximately 5,000 DPS students will participate in this year's DPS Shakespeare Festival. This is the oldest and largest student Shakespeare Festival in the country, and it has received the coveted Folger Library Shakespeare Stewardship Award.

The Festival takes place at the Denver Performing Arts Complex (DPAC) in downtown Denver. Opening Ceremonies are typically held at the Daniels and Fisher Tower, followed by a short parade down the 16th Street Mall to Curtis Street and then to the DPAC stages.

The Festival begins with the Opening Ceremonies at 10:00. These are held right below the historic Daniels & Fisher Tower, at the corner of Arapahoe Street and the 16th Street Mall. The ceremonies are followed by a short but joyful parade from that site to the Denver Performing Arts Center, and then the Festival proper gets underway.

Performances last throughout the day. The entire event is open and free to the public. If you have never been to the Festival before, you are in for a treat. Go to the movie page on this site and view the YouTube videos taken at previous festivals.


Every year, I ask parents to act as chaperones and car-pool drivers for our students. We begin the day at Bromwell, where each student goes to class for attendance. Then we will meet in the lobby for final instructions, and then we'll depart for the Festival.

Please consider how you might help by driving or chaperoning a small group of students, by yourself or with another parent.

Other notes about the Festival…

WEATHER: Students should dress lightly, for warm or even hot weather. They do not need to be in costume the whole time! They need backpacks with their costume and makeup, a water bottle, a hat, and sunscreen. And perhaps a layer or two in case it turns cold.

GOING TO THE FESTIVAL: Drive to the DPAC Parking Garage, or use the Colorado Convention Center Garage. I think it is easier and quicker, and it’s right next door, connected by a pedestrian bridge.

OUR STAGE: It will likely be an open stage, or it may be in a tent. There will be chairs, but you might want to bring your own. Or you may want to bring umbrellas, blankets, pillows and cushions to sit on.

AT THE FESTIVAL: All students are expected to sit near our stage and watch all the performances -- UNLESS they are escorted somewhere (restrooms, food court, other stages) by a parent. Children may not wander around without an adult escort. There is no play fighting, wrestling, or chasing games at the Festival. There is no climbing on the walls or structures at the DPAC. Students who do not follow these rules will be put in "detention" with me, and then may be barred from stage or even sent home early. Parents, please communicate with each other so that all adults know where all the children are at all times.

ABOUT TIMING AND THE SCHEDULE: The schedule may run fifteen minutes early or half an hour late. Parents, please stay aware of how the scenes are running and make sure that your performers are in costume and ready for their appearance on stage. Pay close attention to the "Bill of Performance" at the side of the stage, or next to the tent/ This list scenes and times, and is updated byt he minute.

WHAT ELSE TO DO: Small groups can “tour” the Festival, visiting other stages and watching other groups as they perform their scenes. There will be everything from music and dancing to high-school fight scenes and Kindergarten singers.

AMENITIES: Restrooms are located in Boettcher and the DTCT, and also there will be porta-potties nearby, too. There are lots of food vendors, and most are located near the doors to the various DPAC theaters. T-shirts will be on sale in the same area.

LEAVING THE FESTIVAL: Students are allowed to depart at any time with their parents, of course! Driver/Chaperones should otherwise return with their assigned students to Bromwell - do not drop children off at their homes unless you have directly communicated with the parents and see them from the curb! Drivers may depart when everyone in their group has completed their performances, or stay and watch and then leave after the last Bromwell performance.