Thursday's Scenes

On Thursdays, we present two of the most famous of Shakespearean scenes, and a third that is very odd and funny. Measure for Measure is the odd and funny one, and takes pace in a dungeon, where a condemned man refuses to be executed. Then we have the beginning of The Tempest, which some see as Shakespeare's farewell to the stage. We also have a rousing battle from Henry IV, Part One, as Hal and Hotspur fight to the death, and Falstaff does whatever he can to survive.

The scripts are below. There are also some video recommendations, although these are a bit chancy. I believe they are child-appropriate, but they sometimes are removed or even changed, and often are prefaced with commercials.

MEASURE FOR MEASURE, Act 4, Scene 3 (also shown as 4.3)In the dungeon, an argumentative prisoner simply refuses to have his head cut off!Jack: PompeyTommy: DukeTariq: Barnardine
THE TEMPEST, 1.2The strange wizard and his daughter are alone on a desert island – except for magical creatures – but then a rescue ship draws near.Maggie: ProsperoAlexandra: MirandaElliot: CalibanKeegan: FerdinandAbby: Ariel
HENRY IV, PART ONE, 5.4A great battle. The heroic crown prince must fight his forceful arch-enemy, while at the same time the hilarious coward must escape from his very intimidating opponent!Bo: Henry IVJonah: HalLucas: DouglasBridger: HotspurAnders: Falstaff

Below, check out videos of our scenes. Remember, though, that YouTube can't always be trusted, and a scene might be interrupted by commericals or redirected to another site. Otherwise, these links might be quite fun!

Video References for The Tempest
Again, I favor "Shakespeare The Animated Tales." Here's "The Tempest" from that series.
This is a "Disney Pretend Version." It's a fan film, using various other animated clips to imagine what "The Tempest" might be like if produced by the Disney studio.
And here's a Lego version!

Video references for Henry IV
RSC Fight Week! From the Royal Shakespeare Company, a behind-the-scenes look at stage fighting and this scene in particular:
A high school rehearsal for the duel:
Another high school version:
A college production from the University of Texas:

Video references for Measure for Measure
The internet has many enjoyable interpretations of the Barnardine scene.