Wednesday's Scenes


On Wednesday, we will produce two scenes from Macbeth, and a scene each from Love's Labours Lost and A Midsummer Night's Dream. These scenes are all quite different in mood, theme, and imagery. One of our Macbeth scenes is supposed to be creepy and scary, and the other is supposed to be exciting and full of action. The Midsummer scene is supposed to be funny and magical, and the scene from Love's Labours Lost is meant to be sarcastic and silly.

Below are our scripts, with modern English translations, too. There are also video suggestions (which may or may not be redirected, redacted, or prefaced with irritating commercials).

MACBETH, Act 5, Scene 7 (also shown as 5.7)The terrible tyrant Macbeth is under attack by his old allies, including his former best friend Macduff, and a great battle ensues.
David: MacbethLuke: MacduffIvo: Young SiwardEli: SiwardJulian: MalcolmSasha: Witch
LOVE'S LABOURS LOST, 5.2A princess and her friends have a picnic and make fun of boys, basically. They are very funny and sarcastic about it.Olivia: PrincessAddison: RosalineLulu: MariaDaisy: Boyet
MACBETH, 5.1The wife of the tyrant has gone mad from guilt, sleepwalking and experiencing terrible visions.Ashtyn: GentlewomanViolet: Lady MacbethDelaney: Doctor
Sasha: Witch

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, 3.1The confused mortal Bottom, who has been strangely transformed, and meets strange creatures: fairies!Paloma: TitaniaEmma: MustardseedCharlotte: CobwebMia: PeaseblossomBottom: Sasha

Videos, anyone?
Here are some links, but watch out for commercials or for videos being switched out entirely.

Video References for A Midsummer Night's Dream
Here's a contemporary version showing the fight scene between Helena and Hermia. Remember, we have cut the boys' parts in our own version.
Here's the whole play of "MIdsummer" from "Shakespeare The Animated Tales." The formatting is a bit strange, so enlarge the screen as much as you can.
Here's a nice, animated summary of the play.
Here's an illustrated (but not animated) summary from the British Council, an education group that promotes literacy in England..
The whole play in five minutes! An enjoyable animated retelling:
Another animation - a short anime-style preview:
An excerpt with Titania and Bottom from the Globe Theater production:
The full play from Rice University: (fast-forward to 1:05, or one hour five and minutes)

Video References for Macbeth
Here's an excellent version from the series "Shakespeare: The Animated Tales." This series was created using famous British actors and Russian animation.
Here's a version titled "Macbeth for Kids."
Here's the Teen British Council's presentation.

Video References for Love's Labours Lost
Here's a fun version with a contemporary setting - fast-forward to 1:34:10.